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Jang Young-soo, Governor of Jangsu-gun

“ abundantLand of future ,
We will begin the time of strong longevity. ”

Jangsu-gun is located in a basin of 430 meters above sea level and centered on Jangansan Mountain, which is also known as Honamjongsan of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range. It has a wonderful natural environment that provides comfort and relaxation sites such as the Tteunbongsaem Spring, which is the source of Geumgang (Riv), as well as Jangansan County Park, Banghwa-dong Family Vacation Village, Waryong Natural Recreation Forest, Tookdong Valley, and so on.
During the four year term of the winners of the seventh popular election, Jangsu-gun will spend the time to be reborn as 「Strong Jangsu」, sternly respecting the minds of the county residents who aspire toward change.
Through the profitable agricultural industry and farming areas, heart-warming and healthy welfare and education, Jangsu Gaya’s history and culture that are filled with life, open and trusted county governing, becoming a human-centered tourism city with job creation, Jangsu-gun will strive to lead the construction of new a Jangsu as a vibrant city and community that enables everyone to live equally.

Thank you.
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