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Tree, Bird & Flower of the County

Tree of the County

Pine Tree (Uiamsong: Natural Monument No. 397)

  • Pine Tree (Uiamsong: Natural Monument No. 397)
  • Pine trees, distributed throughout Namdeogyusan Mountain, Jangansan Mountain, and Palgongsan Mountain, are always straight and do not lose sinewiness. so they symbolize an effort and the forward-looking sentiment of county residents.

Bird of the County

Bird of the County(Pigeon)

  • Pigeon
  • Pigeons symbolize the region that loves peace and has a good heart, like the county residents who make a stable living based on a solidness and sturdiness, looking to take a leap and soar.

Flower of the County

Flower of the County(Korean Azalea)

  • Korean Azalea
  • It has strong breeding power with a cutting or a seedling. The flowers are luxurious and bright while blooming from April to June, so they are often used for greenery landscaping in gardens and parks. The simultaneous blooming stands for the prosperity and the cooperation of the county, and its elegant flowers symbolize the warmth and compassion of the county residents.
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