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Guide to the Government Office Building

Main Building Layout of the Jangsu County Office

Main Building Layout of the Jangsu County Office
1F Basement Level Storage Rooms, General Document Room, Recycling Storage Room, Waiting Room for Drives, Machinery Room, Thermal Storage Tank, Electrical Room, Dynamo Room
1F Complaints Division, Land Value Research Room, Intelligence Document Room, Citizen Welfare Room, Dream Start, Night-Duty Room, Security Office, Feeding Room, County Resident Hall, Small Library, Disaster and Safety Control Division, Civil Servant Union Office, Reserve Forces Company, Briefing Room
2F Governor's Office, Vice-governor's Office, Ancillary Room, Executive Conference Room, Administration and Support Division, Agricultural Policy Division, Office of Planning & Coordination, Account Division, Editorial Room, Operating Room, Tax Affair and Data Processing Room, Communications Room, Data Processing Room, Data Processing Training Room, Video and Personnel Counseling Room, Director of Permanent Audit, General Control Center, Situation Room, Animal Division, Secretary's Office
3F Forest Division, Construction and Transportation Division, Environmental Hygiene Division, Water Supply Control Room, Night Duty Room, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Document Room, Weight Room, Lounge(Male/Female), Job and Economy Room, Archive Office, Office, Division of Culture, Sports and Tourism

The Layout of the Council Building

The Layout of the Council Building.(3F,2F,1F)
3F Main Conference Room, Lounge, Meeting Room, Studio
2F Chief’s Room, Vice-chief’s Room, Council Clerical Division
1F Member’s Office, Council’s Public Service Center, Expert Member’s Room
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