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Banghwa-dong Family Vacation Village, Recreation Forest

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Banghwa-dong Family Vacation Villageis a national recreation area, created along a clear, clean valley that stretches along the foot of Jangansan Mountain, which is one of the eight largest mountains in the country.

  • Address778, Banghwadong-ro, Beonam-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • InquiryManagement Office 063-353-0855, 350-2475

Admission Fee

Admission Fee
Classification General Youth, Soldiers Children Remark
Individual KRW 2,000 KRW 1,500 KRW 1,000 Exempted for 65 years old or older
Group KRW 1,500 KRW 1,000 KRW 700 30 persons or more

Facility Fee

Facility Fee
Name of Facility Area Fee (KRW)
Peak Season/ Weekend Off-season
Forest Culture 39.6㎡ 80,000 56,000
Recreation Hall 52.8㎡ 100,000 70,000
House of Forest 59.4㎡ 150,000 105,000
Conference Room 132㎡ 30,000 per hour 30,000 per hour
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