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Birthplace of Nongae

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Birthplace of Nongae

  • Address558, Uiam-ro, Janggye-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • InquiryManagement Office of the Birthplace of Nongae 063-352-2550
  • Opening Hours9 AM– 6 PM
  • ClosedOpen year-round
The Birthplace of Nongae is located in Daegok-ri Janggye-myeon Jangsu-gun where there is the scent of flowers in spring and fresh wind in summer. Nongae has been misrepresented as a courtesan from Jinju however Joo Nongae (Uiam) was a chaste woman who was disguised as a courtesan and died in defense of her chastity. Being born as an only daughter of her father, Joo Dalmun, a teacher at the village school and her mother, Park from Milyang, Nongae spent her childhood in her original birthplace, which was submerged by the construction of the Daegokje Reservoir. It was restored in 2000, in its’ present location.

Attractions near the Birthplace of Nongae are the Experience Village of the Birthplace of Nongae (Juchon Folk Village), which is adjacent to the birthplace site, the Hanok Accommodation Complex completed in 2016, Healing Walk, and Daegokje Tourist Site with the Goblin Exhibition Hall.


  • Management Office of the Birthplace of Nongae : Facility Management Center of Jangsu County Office 063-350-1643
  • Tourism Interpretation Inquiry for the Birthplace of Nongae : Division of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Jangsu County Office 063-350-2348
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