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Jangansan Mountain

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Jangansan Mountain

  • AddressSan116-3, Jang-an-ri, Gyenam-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • InquiryForest Division 063-350-2472
  • Designated Natural Recreation Forestdesignated as Jangsu-gun’s County Park on August 18th, 1986
  • Elevation1,237m
Jangansan Mountain is located at eastward 30 li in Jangsu-eup, south-eastern 10 li in Gyenam-myeon, south 20 li south inJangggye-myeon, and eastward 50 li in Beonam-myeon. The mountain is about 1,237m high, stretching to Jangsu, Jangggye, Gyenam, and Beonam. It was designated as a County Park in 1986. Located in extension of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, Jangansan Mountain is one of the eight tallest mountains in the country and occupies the largest area among them. It is also the stem of Noryeong Mountains. There are 26 large and small valleys including the Deoksan Valley, seven ponds, including upper and lower Yongso, rocks of fantastic shapes including Jiso Foundation, and five mineral springs. While the scenery blends in with the lush forests to create a splendid view, autumn leaves are also beyond comparison. Muryonggungjae (Muryong Hills) is a hill at the beginning of Jangansan Mountain. As local roads are now opened, transportation is very convenient. Muryong means ‘a dragon is dancing’ and for Taoists, it means that the flow of mountains has a shape of wriggling movement as if a dragon is dancing.

Guide to the Hiking Trail Entrance

  • Muryong Pass : 19, Uiam-ro, Janggye-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • Goimok-dong : 553-41, Jangansan-ro, Gyenam-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • Jiso : 194, Jisogol-gil, Gyenam-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • Milmokjae : San52-1, Dongchon-ri, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun
  • Beomyeon-dong : 55, Deoksan-ri, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun
  • Yeonju : 763-3, Deoksan-ro, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun
  • Samgeo Village : Jiji-ri, Beonam-myeon, Jangsu-gun
Hiking Trail guide
Course Hiking Trail Time
Course 1 Muryong Pass- Jangansan Mountain (3.2km) 1hr 30mins
Course 2 Milmokjae- Jangansan Mountain (9.0km) 4hrs 30mins
Course 3 Jisogol Valley- Jangansan Mountain 1hrs 30mins
Course 4 Goimokdong- Jangansan Mountain (5km) 2hrs 30mins
Course 5 Yeonju- Jangansan Mountain (5.7km) 2hrs 30mins
Course 6 Beomyeon-dong- Jangansan Mountain 5.5km 2hrs 30mins
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