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Bonghwasan Mountain(Beonam)

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Bonghwasan Mountain (Beonam)It is a mountain famous for azaleas. In early May, azaleas are in full bloom around mountain ridge and rocky hills. Once you arrive on the top of the mountain, azaleas unfolded on Jangansan Mountain and Namdeogyusan Mountain in the far north and continuously cover the mountaintop of Jirisan Mountain to the south side of Gibaeksan Mountains.

  • AddressSan37-6, Seungma-ro, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun
  • InquiryForest Division 063-350-2472
  • Height919m

Guide to the Hiking Trail Entrance

  • Parking Lot at Azaleas Complex, Bonghwasan Mountain : 125-6, Nodan-ri, Beonam-myeon, Jangsu-gun
  • Bokseongyijae : San94-1, Non-gok-ri, Beonam-myeon, Jangsu-gun
Guide Hiking Trail
Course Hiking Trail Time
Course 1 Circulation of Azalea Habitat, Bonghwasan Mountain (1.6km) 1hr 30mins
Course 2 Parking Lot - Azalea Habitat - Mountaintop (3.6km) 2hrs
Course 3 Bokseongyijae - Azalea Habitat - Mountaintop (4.2km) 2hrs 30mins
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