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Deoksan Valley (Yongso)

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Deoksan Valley (Yongso)Deoksan, the best valley of the County Park at Jangansan Mountain, has a picturesque landscape combining the lush primeval forests, crystal clear waters, and rocks of fantastic shapes.

  • Address772, Deoksan-ri, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun
  • InquiryForest Division 063-350-2472
It has a picturesque landscape combined lush primeval forests, clear water coming out of deep valleys, about ten large or small ponds, including two ponds where dragons were said to have lived, about twenty rocks of fantastic shapes, such as Yongbawi Rock, Shinseonbawi Rock, and Jeongseungbawi Rock, and small valleys, such as Eungol Valley, Jeolgol Valley, and Gamgol Valley.
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