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Guide to Public Service Center

Guide to Visit the Public Service Center

  • Location : Public Service Center on 1F, 10, Hobi-ro, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun, Jangsu County Office
  • Hours
    • (Weekdays) 09:00- 18:00
    • (Weekends and Holidays) Closed
  • Tel : 063-350-2256
  • FAX No. : 063-350-5711

Layout of Public Service Center

Layout of Public Service Center Enlarge

- Civil Petition Kiosk is on the left side of the entrance. - Upon entering, there is the Online Civil Petition from the right end of the front, and Housing Welfare, Automobile (350-2308) and Tax Affairs (350-2309, 350-2310) are located at the left end. - From the left end of the front side, Passport, Fax (350-2305), Resident Registration (350-2304), Window for Civil Petition (350-2258), Land Register, Land Registration Map (350-2306), Land Registration & Construction (Measure) (350-2271) and Land Use (350-2307) departments are in place. - In the back, there are is NH Bank, Director of Civil Petition Division, Civil Petition Service, Land Registration, Property, and Architecture in place. There is another entrance on the right end based on the first entrance.

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