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Multicultural Family Program Operation

Multicultural Family Program Operation
No Project Names Project Details Eligibility Terms
1 Interpretation & Translation Service Communication support for marriage migrants' social life
  • Center : i education, interpretation, and translation are provided
  • Public institutions : when marriage immigrants visit medical institutions, government offices, and schools, interpretation, translation, and companionship are provided
  • Please request other regional centers in the case of interpretation and translation in languages other than Chinese and Vietnamese.
Marriage immigrants Jan-Dec
2 Visiting Education Project By dispatching a home visiting counselor, Korean language and family life services are provided.
  • Korean Language Educatio : Married immigrants with 5 years or less since entry to Korea, children of multicultural families
  • Parent Education Service : education related to child-rearing, family counseling
  • Life Service for Children : 3 to 12 years old
Marriage immigrants, children Mar-Dec
3 Bilingual Family Environment Creation Project Importance and Awareness Improvement Education of Bilingual
  • Eligible children : 12 years old and younger
Marriage immigrants, children Jan-Dec
4 Child Language Development Support Project Promotion of language development education for children of multicultural families who have difficulty communicating
  • Eligible children : 12 years old and younger
Youth from multi-cultural family Jan-Dec
5 College Tuition Support for Marriage Immigrants Tuition fee support for marriage immigrants who attend university in the province Marriage immigrants Jan-Dec
6 Global Village School Support
  • Multicultural Village School : support for families who have difficulty in group education due to vulnerable multicultural families (Korean language, Korean culture education, etc.)
  • Happy Plus : a program for promoting communication and harmony in a multicultural family (family communication training, education of husband and wife, etc.)
  • Cultural Support Project for Multicultural Gathering : operation of a cultural program for children of multicultural families (children's choir, making youth magazine)
Marriage immigrants, children Jan-Dec
7 Hometown Visit Support Project Provide provisions for airfare and transportation costs for families and female married immigrants and their family who haven’t visited their parents' home for over 2 years Multi-cultural family Feb-Dec
8 Korean Language Education Operation Support Customized, step-by-step Korean language education Marriage immigrants Jan-Dec
9 Occupational Training & Education for Marriage Immigrants Vocational training and employment support education for married immigrants seeking economic activity Marriage immigrants Feb-Dec
10 Career Support for Multicultural Youth Career type test and career and job experience activities for the youth of multicultural families Youth from multi-cultural family Jan-Dec
11 International Shipping Cost Support Project Sending affection to the home country
  • Shipping cost support to send married immigrant females’ parents items
Multi-cultural family Feb-Dec
12 Support for Self-help Groups for Empowering Marriage Immigrants Support for the Self-help Group to Strengthen Capability of culture and art and for volunteer elementary education Marriage immigrants Feb-Dec
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